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Helen Prout is a painter who lives and works in the Cotswolds. She originally studied Fine Art at Liverpool where she worked mainly in oils; these days she prefers to use mixed media to explore colour, texture and pattern inspired by landscape and other subjects. During the past eighteen years she has shown her work regularly in solo and joint exhibitions and as part of Oxford Artweeks. Her paintings hang in private collections throughout the UK and some also feature on greetings cards available from the artist. Two years ago Helen changed her name from Barbara, which is the name or initial signed on work completed before 2010.

Painting is difficult

I’ve had a struggle giving birth to this second painting of the Lake District. Feeling unable to do justice to the sheer beauty of the place, I let my feelings and imagination spill a little whimsy across the picture, as … Continue reading

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Snowy day musings

After a few deceptively warm and even sunny days, nature has reasserted her right to be contrary and it’s now snowing again, coating the skylights with a layer of ice which blocks my views of trees and rooftops. As colours … Continue reading

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Spotted the mistake?

Sorry to have spread confusion by referring to a previously published painting as “Caravan of Dreams” when it’s actually called “The Dream Factory”. Some kind of Freudian slip? Perhaps I should change the title to that of the book of … Continue reading

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That’s it

Enough is enough, this one has to stop now. I’ve been fiddling about with it for too long, easily done, and am getting bored with it. “The Snug”, a portrait of my little sitting-room, is a companion piece to “Caravan … Continue reading

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By Derwentwater

Following a recent trip to the Lake District I began experimenting with monoprinting again. While as yet unable to produce an acceptable pure monoprint, I find they offer inspiration and a starting-point for further ideas and development. This particular painting … Continue reading

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The dream factory

This is a portrait of my colourful attic bedroom. I’ve just realised it’s lacking a vital ingredient – books on the bedside table…..

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Town in Sicily

This painting recalls a hot day in Sicily in 2007.  I had been walking  along a deserted road in unrelenting heat…. heading for a monastery which turned out to be too far away to reach that day. Turning back with … Continue reading

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