Snowy day musings

After a few deceptively warm and even sunny days, nature has reasserted her right to be contrary and it’s now snowing again, coating the skylights with a layer of ice which blocks my views of trees and rooftops. As colours don’t look the same in poor light,  I’ve  abandoned painting for the moment, along with thoughts of a bracing walk or creative gardening session. Instead I can focus on the technical challenges of my printmaking project.

The four lino blocks, or plates, are finally ready to be inked up and printed. I’m unsure how it will work out as I’m printing them as one large piece so I hope the corners are true. It’s planned as a monochrome work for the moment until I see how that looks. The greatest fascination about printmaking is that you can never really predict how the print will look – at least, I can’t, being inexperienced in this medium.

But here’s one I made earlier, two simple prints inspired by my spring garden. Using this “suicide” method involves taking a number of prints from the plate before cutting more away then printing a second colour over the first. For the two-colour print the first colour was yellow, followed by blue.


About helenprout

Helen Prout is a painter who lives and works in the Cotswolds. She originally studied Fine Art at Liverpool where she worked mainly in oils; these days she prefers to use mixed media to explore colour, texture and pattern inspired by landscape and other subjects. During the past eighteen years she has shown her work regularly in solo and joint exhibitions and as part of Oxford Artweeks. Her paintings hang in private collections throughout the UK and some also feature on greetings cards available from the artist. Two years ago Helen changed her name from Barbara, which is the name or initial signed on work completed before 2010.
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  1. Looking forward to seeing the jug prints!

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