That’s it

Enough is enough, this one has to stop now. I’ve been fiddling about with it for too long, easily done, and am getting bored with it. “The Snug”, a portrait of my little sitting-room, is a companion piece to “Caravan of Dreams”, previously featured. Both are mixed media pieces on canvas, though I normally prefer paper on board as a support, for it doesn’t give like canvas and better withstands being scratched, scraped, tortured with glue and having other indignities performed on its surface. Unfortunately I bought several canvases on impulse a couple of years ago before realizing this and feel I must try and use some of them up! They take up so much room just standing around waiting to be brought to life.

During the production of this painting, I’ve been taking distraction breaks to prepare some lino blocks for printing, an undertaking which is frustratingly slow and slightly hazardous; I’ve managed to nick my left hand several times already. Not much longer to go, though and I’m planning some Lake District paintings next. Life doesn’t get much more exciting than this!



About helenprout

Helen Prout is a painter who lives and works in the Cotswolds. She originally studied Fine Art at Liverpool where she worked mainly in oils; these days she prefers to use mixed media to explore colour, texture and pattern inspired by landscape and other subjects. During the past eighteen years she has shown her work regularly in solo and joint exhibitions and as part of Oxford Artweeks. Her paintings hang in private collections throughout the UK and some also feature on greetings cards available from the artist. Two years ago Helen changed her name from Barbara, which is the name or initial signed on work completed before 2010.
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2 Responses to That’s it

  1. Emma says:

    I really like this one! Especially that Bella is taking a starring role. The use of music notes carried across from the other piece works well.

  2. jessinfreetown says:

    Ha, I like the glass of red wine! And the beautiful rug – almost like stars in the sky.

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